Are you tired?

We hiked so much

You barked at every dog

You were kind of terrible

But you’re so cute

You are so cute

And terrible

You’re like one of those pretty girls

That gets away with bad shit

‘Cause she’s cute

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nothing can ruin my mood today, nothing.

So many possible ships, so little time 

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I was literally in that area yesterday! Even walked passed it. Didn’t know that’s where the Youtube space was. LOL

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Meetup in LDN


I think we should schedule a meet up in London on Saturday and then maybe Hannah and Grace will hear about it and come!? Anyone else up for this!? And even if they don’t it would be so good to meet everyone!

This. please.

I think it would be great to meet like minded people who share the same interests in TV/Internet/Pop culture etc.

I’ve used Meetup (the website) before and I’ve met some great women but they’re not in the same age range as me. Most don’t even know what tumblr is :(

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I feel like I’m tripping on this weird awkward mom-dance. @_@ It’s so seamless…

gif from: saengking

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Why isn’t there a meet up for London Holy Trinity fans?

This should happen! Maybe we can all watch Camp Takota together when it comes out. :D

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**added - The whole proposal thing for the movie announcement at Vidcon was Sarah’s idea! And Grace did not know about it. Her surprised face was real


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Where the ‘plastic fangs’ has been…

1. In Grace’s mouth

2. On the table

3. In Hannah’s mouth

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saw this pic on google images. looks like this:

photo: maxrmel

saw this pic on google images. looks like this:

photo: maxrmel

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